Snow Leopard Membership

What we are

We are  a Corinthian (Amateur) Sailing Team. We wish to bring people on a journey of adventure with us, enabling access to the sport normally financially and time prohibitive.


What we aim to achieve

We aim to operate a Sail Racing Team and with a Club ethos, which will require members to pitch in! In this way we build loyalty and friendship whilst enabling us to offer subscriptions at reasonable levels.  Membership is limited to allow the wider membership to get sufficient use and experience as we grow together the Team. 


We recognise that some people are time limited, and others are frankly nervous about taking on such a challenge. To assist we will try and get prospective members out for a sail before committing. We also offer different Categories of subscription such as a 'Social Only' category. However all categories are important and integral to the Team, its performance and primarily creating a Spiritof Friendship and Fun. 


Who we are

Members are invited on an 'introductory basis only' so please ensure if we don't know you personally you let us know your connection when you enquire.


What we are not
  • A Public Club

  • A "Pay and Play' operation

  • A Sailing School

  • A Charity (Though We Support Them!)


We have put in a significant time and capital investment into this concept, and in order to continue we will need to work on a subscription basis. But it really is a huge Challenge, Opportunity and Fun! We hope you will join us.

Members Categories

1. Racing

We will launch this fully next season, with a fully coomitted pool of members forming the core racing Team. We endevour to then tailor commitment levels accordingly on an inshore and off shore basis. It may weel be possible to provide half junior and senior membership according to commitment allowances.


2. Social

Each year we hope to offer an expedition to one of the 12 known countries where the Snow Leopard lives.


We will organise social events at least one a quarter and charity raising dinners and events throughout the year. Our sailing base is in Hamble, but we will arrange social gatherings at our registered Club RORC in Central London as well as the Royal Southern Yacht Club in Hamble, and the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club in Cowes.


3. Ski

We are currently working on this project and hope soon to add to the members another category. The Snow member. We are avid skiers, and as part of our Snow Leopard Ski project, will be looking to offer members the potential to book Chalet Snow Leopard at our Winter base in Chamonix, France.



We also hope to work with Charities and Foundations supporting the protection of the 'Snow Leopard'. We aim to contribute 10% of any profit raised each year to their protection..


If you are interested in discussing the concept please do register your interest below.

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