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Snow Leopard II - Grand Soleil 46 LC 

Completely dedicated to the Blue Water world, the 46 is the first of Cantiere del Pardo’s new Long Cruise range. She is designed for those who wish to discover the most beautiful seas in the utmost space and comfort. Systems have been optimised for ease of use by a single or double handed crew.

Based in the Mediterranean


We aim to run the boat as a group of friends in a shared-cost syndicate, not on a commercial basis: She will not be a registered sailing school or business.  The boat will be exclusively used and operated by its owners and syndicate members on an equal shared-cost basis and is not a commercial vessel under MCA regulations.  She will not be made available for charter.

Sailing in a syndicate

It’s like owning your own boat without the hassle and costs.  Members may use the boat at any time when its not booked out exclusively. Obviously the member should have enough experience to handle her in the proposed conditions.
The boat takes sleeps 6 comfortably, and can accommodate 9, though could comfortably day sail with 10/12. The design does however mean that she can be managed with ease  double handed by an experienced crew.
We aim to ensure that all syndicate members get as much access to her as they want. To enable this she will be limited to a syndicate membership of 12. At the end of initial syndication agreement of 3 years members may advertise there vacancy or renew for a further 3 years. 


All of the costs and budgets for the boat are managed openly and overseen by London & Geneva as the agent. The boat aims to run on a not for profit basis, with the only a 15% of cost paid to the agent for mangement.  There is no commercial side to the syndicate.  All members have full access to the accounts and can see where their money is being spent.
We anticipate 6 to 12 capital owners will pay for the boat initially, but they contribute to the costs in the same way as other syndicate members.  They receive no benefit other than the residual value of the boat and an annual recharge to the non capital owners in the syndicate of 50% of capital outlay. 
It costs upwards of £30,000 per year to keep Snow Leopard which is 36 foot, and we anticipate Snow Leopard II at 46 foot will be nearer £50,000 on the water when you add in the costs of sail replacements, maintenance, insurance, marina fees etc.
​At an annual cost of sub £10,000 it’s less than the cost of two week’s charter and gives you access to all the top quality kit and a well-maintained boat and fabulous blue water sailing, often sailing with friends, and not so not someone else’s ‘crew'. In fact it’s like having a yacht of your own but without the responsibility, cost or hassle of finding a crew!

What we expect from syndicate members

Commitment, a sense of humour, respect and a willingness to learn and enjoy the ocean with friends.
If you are interested in joining as a syndicate member, please drop us a line on the contact page and we will get right back to you.
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